☪☮♥☯♋♂♀♬☪Hello my name is Ivanna.I'm interested in lucid dreaming/spiritual realms.I'm a massage therapist and yogi.I also play guitar and draw.As a growing student my dream is to further my studies in alternative medicine and meet a shaman.Thank you for passing by.Namaste☪♬♂♀♋☮♥☯☪
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it’s not about you.it’s not about you.it’s not about you.it’s not about you.it’s not about you.it’s not about you.stop.it.it’s not about you.get over it.it’s not about you.fuckingshit.it’s not about me.

*breathe In* *breathe Out* Take this time to remember what is your purpose.What you really want and who you are.Keep moving forward.Don’t look back.It’s done.Walk towards your new path,alone.

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Equipped with only a pencil, ruler and protractor and without the help of a computer, Venezuelan artist Rafael Araujo creates complex fields of three dimensional space where butterflies come to life and shells rise from mathematical spirals.

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Hungarian photographer Noell S. Oszvald doesn’t have a huge portfolio yet, nor much is known about her – but the little that’s out there is enough to awe everyone. A 22-year-old presents a portfolio of powerful self-portraits, and one can hardly believe that she actually just started taking photos a little over a year ago.

Her photos are all black and white, because Noell finds colors distracting. “I feel the same way about clothes and other matters of appearance, which why I like to reduce my images to forms, composition and content,” she says.