☪☮♥☯♋♂♀♬☪Hello my name is Ivanna.I'm interested in lucid dreaming/spiritual realms.I'm a massage therapist and yogi.I also play guitar and draw.As a growing student my dream is to further my studies in alternative medicine and meet a shaman.Thank you for passing by.Namaste☪♬♂♀♋☮♥☯☪
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Every day is a new step to following your dreams.I thank every person I meet and every day I’m alive.Following my dreams is very important to me especially connecting with myself and people.Be kind be soft but be fearless.You’ll miss out on some interesting things/people if you’re scared to be yourself.The day you had enough is the moment you start doing something with yourself.Cheers

Dude! Fuck this small talk get straight to the point son.UGH tired of that shit.Wanna get to me?ask open ended questions son.Fuck your small talk